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Virtual Salon, A History


We started as group of New York based artists who meet once a month. The object was to have support group, a crit group, a discussion group. A forum to test our ideas and a way of strengthening our community.






Since COVID, many of us have been forced to disperse and disconnect from one another. But the desire for discussion and connection continues even more than before.


For this reason, we propose the Virtual Salon.

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 9.20.30 PM.png

Our hope is to continue this project and one day to create a designated, informal gathering space in the spirit of the French salon. Even in the Information Age, we believe there is still much to be gained from conversation and dialogue.


Salons have historically been dominated by women—the hosts typically called "salonnières"— and were meant to function as intimate, alternative spaces to educate women outside of the a university setting, typically tailored to men. We continue this tradition as a gently structured sanctuary for artistic discussion.


The beauty of a salon is that it pleases as much as it educates. It is exciting for the senses, aesthetic, intellectual, encouraging, inspiring and loving. At the same time it stimulates, encourages debate and promotes diversity of thought, gender, race and social class. We are not interested in pretentiousness but honest and genuine disclosure. Like the best dinner party you've ever attended. It is the nurturing mother who feeds you and hears you.

We aspire for this to become an artist hub, unconstrained by the mainstream art world. A place where artists can go and meet others. Networking will not be a burden as it is up to the hosts to integrate you. You want to learn a new skill—there will be someone to teach you. You need advice on a technique—someone who tried it before will guide you. You need a team for a project—you'll find enthusiastic collaborators. It's as fun as a party, as cozy as a long dinner in your best friend's kitchen, as inspiring as a biennale.


"Le Salon de Madame Aron" by Edouard Vuillard

If you would like to participate, please email We welcome creative thinkers in all disciplines and studies.  It is not necessary to be located in New York.  All that we ask is that you are interested in thoughtful discourse.


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